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Price Guide


Every operation will be different, to that end these are ONLY guide prices.  Everyone operation, without exception, will require a certain amount of planning.  This includes checking the area, understanding the local airspace, working out the logistics.  Flight planning is detailed and extensive without including weather considerations, which in the UK can be very unpredictable, and can't be avoided.


Please use the Contact form and we'll be in touch with firm pricing once we have conducted a quick initial assessment.


General Photography, 5 HD shots £150 - £300 (depends on expected flight time and environmental considerations)

Videography £750 per whole day, £400 per half day (All raw footage supplied)

Editing Services £100 per hour

Extra HD Prints £12 per print

Golf Course Previews,  videos £75 per hole  (Editing Services included and individual videos for each hole supplied)


Sports Training Packages, Sports, Construction, Surveys and Inspections please use the contact form as these operations will vary greatly in complexity and requirements.


Travel - 40p per mile

Accommodation, if required, will be arranged by Whirlybird Imaging and will be included in the invoice.


Following a formal quote a payment of 25% of the formal quote secures our services.  From this point Whirlybird Imaging will formalise the flight plan in liaison with the client and the landowner, and pencil in some dates.


Cancellation due to weather (in advance) - If due to weather the flight cannot be made on the specified date then the flight will be re-arranged if possible.  If however, this is not possible for client reasons (i.e. the client cannot arrange site access) then the deposit will not be refunded as this is deemed beyond the control of Whirlybird Imaging.


Cancellation due to weather or client requirements (on operation day) - If, on the day of operations, due to unexpected weather or a change of client requirements the flights cannot be made and it's impossible to re-arrange for another date the full cost of the operation will be invoiced as this is deemed beyond the control of Whirlybird Imaging.


Cancellation due to change of client requirements - 25% deposit will not be refunded.  In addition, any and all costs incurred by Whirlybird Imaging up the point of cancellation will be billed to the client.


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