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Guide to Services


Here is a guide to the primary services currently provided by Whirlybird Imaging.  If there is something you think is missing please use the contact form and make an enquiry, if you don't ask you will never know.  We will come back to you pretty quickly and let you know if it can be done or not.  Check out our Gallery for example images.


Aerial Photography and Videography

Bring your subject to life with this immersive and awe inspiring genre of photography.  Get another look from a unique angle of a subject you are familiar with, and we guarantee you'll be surprised and pleased with the results.


Promotional Show reels

Ask us to get some aerial HD footage for your show reel  to give it that 'WOW' factor.  Set yourself apart from your competitors and drive sales by using our footage to enhance your show reel.  Alternatively Whirlybird Imaging can make you a show reel and is provided as a service.  If required this can be sub-contracted out.


Property Photography

Got a property to sell?  Want to maximise your sale price and commission?  Nearly everyone uses online resources to look at property and your High Definition aerial photography from Whirlybird Imaging will make your property stand out from the rest. Can you afford not to?


Golf Course Previews

Nothing like making your golf course look like Augusta with a course preview.  Slow, moody shots from tee to green will make your course look it's best and is sure to attract additional green fees.  In combination with aerial photos and videos of the rest of your golfing complex you are sure to attract additional visitors through the power of social media alone.



Putting on an event?  Would you like to promote it using the medium of aerial photography?  One picture we took got nearly 6000 social media likes as this particular event had never been photographed this way before.  It was the most liked, shared and tweeted picture from the event. Flying at events is difficult, but not impossible, because of the risk to the public.  Many operators may not be aware that when flying at events, if the worst should happen and you're not within the law your event and the operators public liability insurance is invalidated.  Use the contact form to clarify the rules with us.  We 'd love you to use Whirlybird Imaging but even if you don't we can give advice which in turn could prove invaluable.



Add value to your wedding package.  Get some great and unique shots of your special day, or ask us to put these together into a little video that you can upload to social media and look at any time you like.  We promise to be as unobtrusive as possible.  Flying up close and personal is not required, but we can if you want us to.


Construction / Property Development

Want some rich media for your website or social media channels?  Perhaps some before and after shots of your contruction projects?  Site and landscape surveys also undertaken.  



Into extreme sports and want some 'dope' footage?  Contact us to discuss, we are huge MTB fans and would love to work with you on projects like these.


Sports Training

The top football and rugby clubs are now using drones to aid training.  Getting a diferent perspective on player / ball movement can really give you the edge.  Getting a fans eye view every now and then may also help, as you get to see the 'whole' picture.



Need to inspect your roof or gutters but don't want the expense of hiring a scaffolding company or cherry picker.  We can get close enough to know whether something warrants a further closer inspection, saving you money in the long run.


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