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Operations Manual

So after quite a few hours in front of the home computer I find I'm only about half way through the Operations Manual. This forms the basis of any future work that I might do and forms the basis of how Whirlybird Imaging will operate. It's there and needs to be done. It will need to be ratified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) so ensuring that all Aerial UAV companies that do photography and videography all perform to the same exacting safety standards. It protects us, it protects any clients and allows us to do each job in the same safe fashion.

So I get that it's important and following my ICARUS Course next week at Aerial Motion Pictures I shall be able to complete it and then I can put in for an Operational Evaluation. If all that goes well and I pass then I can accept commercial work once in posession of my Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW) from the CAA. Insurance and everything else is ready to roll.

While all this is going on I also need to be out flying and putting videos together. I want to be in a position where when I get some work I can produce good looking professional output from the very first job.

It's a shed load of work but it doesn't feel like work if you're enjoying it as much as I am. It feels good to be on such a steep learning curve and I'm sure it will be worth it and that is keeping me going.

More on the ICARUS Course next week. In case you were wondering what ICARUS stands for, it's

International Certificate of Approval for Remote Unmanned Systems. There's a mouthful.

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