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Tick, Tock......

It's been exactly 2 weeks since my application was submitted to the CAA for my Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW). To say I'm getting impatient would be an understatement. I really want to start tendering for work knowing that I have the full weight of my qualifications and the law behind me. I really wish it would hurry up, but I guess the CAA are getting pretty busy with applications.

Until I get it, or know when I'm likely to, I can't really plan for anything which is frustrating. The website is ready to go. All my admin and processes are as complete as they can be. Pretty sure I'm ready, I've been flying where and when I can and I've been pushing my social media channels. I've got some great followers on Twitter and Facebook, and some great ideas that I'm looking forward to prospecting with.

So this is a call to action, if you can think of a way you, or someone you may know can make use of my professional services please drop me a line. If you're involved in an event and want a different perspective drop me a line. It you would like me to take a picture or video of your house, property or business drop me line.

Preferential rates will be awarded to my first 5 customers, please spread the word. It would be really great to get some jobs lined up for when the 'paperwork' finally comes through.

Thanks in advance. John

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