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Green Light - Whirlybird Imaging is 'Go'

After several phone calls from my course providers the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have finally signed off on my Permission for Aerial Work (PfAW).

This means that now I can legally accept and carry out commercial work.

From booking the course it's taken two and half months. Most people take much longer, but I've put the effort in and and also spent some of that time doing some light networking.

I've had a few 'enquiries' so far from good contacts, some of which will hopefully transform into really good opportunities. I was watching the 'One' show earlier and nearly every VT had some form of aerial footage. It's something that is really becoming mainstream now and if you pick a magazine you'll likely see some aerial shots. In nearly every window of every Estate agents you'll see, a few, aerial shots. I'm hoping to tap into this kind of work, there seems to be plenty of it to go around. It doesn't fit every type of business but for the businesses where it does fit they really need to start thinking about it, or risk being left behind.

So here it begins, time to drum up some business so I can earn some extra pennies. I made a video at the weekend for a friends son's 18 birthday and I had so much fun. Link here It made me realise that I'm going to have fun doing this, and long may the good times continue. Time for a beer and to raise a glass to thank everyone for all the support, guidence and advice. Thanks and Cheers. John

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