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There are many, many reasons to use aerial photography or video from Whirlybird Imaging.  If you can think it, we can probably do it.


Aerial Imaging can be used as a high impact, immersive genre of photography for nearly any project.   It is a booming industry, and Whirlybird Imaging use state of the art equipment to stay at the cutting edge.


Please use the Contact form on the Contact page to find out if we can help you. Have a look at our Services page for examples and ideas of where you might be able to use our services, and check our Price Guide page to get some idea of how much a task will cost.  Each operation is conducted differently but each operation requires the same amount of planning, assessments and adequate controls put in place.  At first glance it may appear expensive but please remember we will be flying in shared airspace and we have an obligation to other airspace users to ensure the safety of all, and this safety comes with a price.


Whirlybird Imaging is a fully insured, Civil Aviation Authority Approved professional organisation and prides itself on conducting it's operations within the letter of the law and with the utmost safety.  Rest assured, unless a person or company taking aerial pictures or video commercially is on the list below then they are almost certainly breaking the law.  Do not take the risk and always make use of a professional operator on this list with either an A2 C of C or GVC Qualification.  Always ask to see their Operations Manual, Qualifications and Insurance Documents. If the operator you choose cannot or is not willing to show you these documents, do not use them.  


For more about Whirlybird Imaging check out our portfolio which is updated on a regular basis and connect to us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus and Instagram. (Links at the bottom of the page)


And finally keep up to date on our Blog page for the latest activities and news.  Thank you for taking the time to find out about Whirlybird Imaging.  We want to provide you with a superior service and we are sure we can, please use the Contact page to find out if we can make good on our promise.


Whirlybird Imaging - A small company helping you to make a big impression.


Happy Flying





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