CAA Accreditation

Whirlybird Imaging works in compliance with permission granted by the CAA. These CAA regulations relate to flying operations within the UK, and are detailed within the CAP 393, Air Navigation: The Order and the Regulations (ANO 2016), especially articles 94 and 95.


As a CAA Approved operator Whirlybird Imaging is governed and regulated by the CAA, we must adhere to these regulations to provide the necessary required safety during our operations. Our Insurance cover is directly linked to the compliance of the CAA regulations.   Understandably these regulations are very detailed, but in summary, their main purpose is all about safety, for everyone involved in any operation.

Summary of CAA Regulations
  • UAVs can be operated in line of sight, up to 400ft and 500m radius.
  • We cannot fly at less than 50m from people, vehicles, roads or structures that are not under our control.

  • We cannot fly at less than 150m from crowds of 1000 persons or more.

  • We require permission from the land owner prior to take off and landing.

  • If operating close to or within an airport zone, we are required to ask permission from ATC (Air Traffic Control) to take off and operate within this zone.

  • We need to know all hazards, restricted, dangerous or prohibited areas in our operating zone.

  • We always respect all wildlife while operating.


We will always put safety first and the pilot has the final word on whether the flight can be conducted, or not.