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Fri 7th August - NEWS UPDATE - Have upgraded to a DJI Phantom 3 Professional with a 4K Camera. This should keep things going for a long while. Have begun the process to get qualified by booking the ICARUS Course at Aerial Motion Pictures. Following the course and passing the Theory test, there is the small matter of composing an Operations Manual an passing the Operational Evaluation. The Operations Manual is needed to ensure you carry out each and every flight within safety parameters as laid down by oneself and more importantly the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). The Operational Evaluation is a practical test to show that you operate safely and can 'pilot' your SUAS (Small Unmanned Aerial System) within certain parameters and given situations. If satisfactory the assessor will recommend to the CAA that you are given a PFAW (Permission for Aerial Work) This means you can carry out commercial work for clients. It's illegal to do this type of stuff for recompence without CAA Approval. I need to offer a huge vote of thanks to my 'Sponsor', without whose support and financial backing this wouldn't be possible. I also need to thank many friends and family who have encouraged me and given advice on many aspects that I'm still finding me feet in. Please keep checking back for updates. Please share our Facebook Page as you wish and keep an eye on it for new videos and photos as Nick and I get to grips with this rapidly expanding and highly immersive genre of photography.

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